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CannaZym by Canna is a complex of selected enzymes to decompose the organic matter present in the substrate and activate beneficial microscopic life.

Enzymes to feed on the substrate with Cannazym from Canna

CannaZym by Canna is a mixture of enzymes to break down the organic matter present in the substrate and convert it into carbohydrates available to your plants. It is applied throughout the crop once a week in your irrigation water or continuously in automatic irrigation systems. It also activates the microorganisms present in the culture medium to improve the performance of your crops.

When the roots of your plants are fed directly by chemicals and mineral salts, they spoil and yellow until they die, but they occupy a place in the ground that other new roots could occupy. How do we solve it? With CannaZym you will add the best enzymes available on the market for our plants, it will take care of breaking down all the decomposing matter in the substrate and transforming it into carbohydrates. Add sugars to our plants that, apart from stimulating new roots to grow where old ones used to be, your flowers will gain in density, flavor and resin. Don't forget to use it when growing with mineral based fertilizers.

Dosage and Instructions for Use of CannaZym de Canna:

Add 2.5ml per liter in the irrigation water.

Apply from the 1st week to the end of the cultivation once a week.

If you want, you can use it to recycle Slabs. Double the dose, and you will increase its effects. But don't overdo it either, because an excess can annoy more than fix.

Composition of Canna Zym de Canna:

NPK 0-2-1

0% Nitrogen.

2% Phosphorus.

1% Potassium.

0.1% Sulfur.

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