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Kleaner cleanser is a mouthwash that removes toxins from saliva and skin to avoid testing positive

Are you scared of being positive in a saliva test, being already for a long time without consuming any narcotic?

The human organism retains traces of toxins, left by the consumption of certain substances,

These substances can be present for a long time in body fluids such as blood, urine, sweat, and saliva.


Residual toxins in saliva can test positive,

considered false positives because residual toxins are detected,

without these having to cause the least narcotic effect.


Due to the increasing number of police checks for drivers, a false positive can have disastrous consequences

Even after a full night's rest and feeling perfectly fine to drive a vehicle

sweat and saliva can still give positive in anti-drug tests and reveal a punctual consumption that can go from a day to a few weeks.


Although the person no longer suffers from any type of effect, tests can reveal a consumption that has no longer had an effect on the body for a long time.

Various tests have shown the immediate and efficient performance of the Kleaner product as a toxin masker.

It does not contain any chemical additive, therefore it is not dangerous for those who consume it orally even if it is a high dose.


The product is applied by taking 4 or 5 drops before mounting in the car, it is recommended to have a period of half an hour before driving or arriving at the workplace.

In case of imminent control, a larger quantity can be ingested and the product can be kept circulating in the mouth before swallowing.

The product has a rather bitter taste, that drawback is normal, it also serves to know if the product has correctly impregnated the entire mouth.


Leaf Life is not responsible for the fraudulent use of this product by third parties.

Leaf Life strongly recommends not to mix vehicle driving at all and to be under the influence of psychotropic substances.



Aqua, Alcohol-Denat, Melia Azadirachta extract, Xhanthan Gum



How to use:

Oral route: Ingest 5 to 6 ml (approximately the number of sprays or drops that would fill the transparent stopper)

Topical route: Pour 5 to 6 drops in the palm of the hand. Distribute between the hands

and massage all parts of the head and face that tend to sweat (Forehead, Neck), as well as the hands.

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