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Tangie Matic Auto is an autoflowering strain by Fast Buds.

Tangie Matic Auto

Autoflowering Tangie matic cannabis seeds are one of the Fast Buds female plants, this is one of the most potent and active that can be obtained in the market due to its genetic quality and its high level of THC that can reach up to 23% or more.

Tangie Matic Auto Features

Some people say that this plant originates from a fair in the cities of San Bernardino in California, attractive thanks to its Tangie clone that allows it to have the highest quality, turning it into a powerful hybrid influenced by Sativa.

Tangie Matic Auto Exterior

When grown in natural sunlight it can be between 70 and 300 grams per plant. For this reason, it is advisable to cultivate it outdoors, to guarantee better harvests and that its flavor is citric like mandarin, refreshing, pleasant, with spicy or berry tones.

Tangie Matic Auto Interior

They are very productive specimens, they can reach 650 grams per square meter when cultivated indoors with artificial lighting.

After harvesting, it can be collected in approximately 63 days, this for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, as it is an easy plant to grow, but care must be taken to avoid stress, so that it can be a quality product and give effects of rise as that of the Sativa, which can last from a few minutes up to half an hour approximately, causing mental and muscular relaxation in the individual, due to its high content of THC that oscillates by 23% in good conditions and on the contrary a CBD content of 0.9%.

Tangie Matic Auto Production

1. If your crop is indoors you can harvest up to 650 gr / m2 in a period of about 63 days.

2. If your crop is outside you will get up to 300 gr / copy in a period of 63 days.

Tangie Matic Auto Effects

Autoflowering Tangie matic cannabis seeds are used for medicinal purposes, to combat stress, appetite, migraine, anxiety, depression, tumors, cancer, among others. This plant, despite being autoflowering, is large, its leaves are beautiful, of a medium size and can have an average intermodal distance, therefore they do not require extreme care, since they can suffer from stress.

If you prefer mixed effects, check out the Gelato Auto.

Tangie Matic Auto Specifications

* Bank: Fast Buds

* Type: autoflowering

* Genotype: Hybrid

* Genetics: Tangie x Ruderalis

* THC: 23%

* CBD: 0.9%

* Effects: relaxing

* Height: 80-130cm

* Flowering: 63 days (indoors and outdoors)

* Production: Up to 650gr / m2 indoors and 350 grams per plant outdoors

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