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Sugar Bud Cheap Bulk Cannabis Seed is a cross between two of the most popular strains from all our catalog in self-flowering version, Deimos x Cream caramel x the best Sugar Bud of the year 2015.

Pinneaple Express x Hawaiian auto. Tropical flavors for foodies. A beautiful self-flowering marijuana plant with a mild euphoric effect.

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Pineapple auto seed is an autoflowering version of the Pineapple Express variety. It is the perfect plant for impatient growers who also prefer tropical flavors. Thanks to the crossing of genes with a cannabis variety ruderalis, this tropical-flavored masterpiece can now be harvested in 70 days from germination without changing the photoperiod.


The predominance indicates they guarantee if you consume a feeling of deep relaxation and eliminates stress while giving an euphoric blow. Its success is based above all on the exquisite tropical fruit flavor. Pineapple Auto marijuana seed is a very easy to grow variety, both for professionals and amateurs. Each plant produces approximately 45-65 grams of marijuana. It is not very productive but it does have such a different flavor that it is essential in the garden of any cannabis sybarite.

Another characteristic quality of Pineapple auto is its short stature and the hairs of the buds of red gold color. The resin formed from brilliant THC crystals are clearly the result of the selection of the best genetics.

White widow auto bulk features.

Genetics: 100% Auto-flowering (Pineapple extpress x Rudelaris) Hybrid.

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