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Critical + Auto is the most recommended cannabis seed by Dinafem Seeds for inexperienced growers. Easy, fast and generous, she is the most grateful Dinafem Girl, which has made her one of our bestsellers.


The Critical + Auto seed develops a slender and vigorous cannabis plant, which can reach almost a meter in height, even though it is automatic. It is homogeneous and regular: it stretches when it begins to flower, up and to the sides, leaving the branches airy with wide internodes. This structure is the result of the inheritance of its parents: Critical +, the most acclaimed Dinafem Girl, and the Autoflowering Roadrunner. In addition, it does not have many leaves, which favors the production of buds thanks to the penetration of light.


It is true that it is not the perfect variety for those looking for a colossal harvest; the automatic ones never are. Because its autoflowering condition, that is: its speed, subtracts quantity from its production. However, they can be collected from 100 grams per plant, up to doubling this amount according to the climatic conditions and the pampering of whoever grows it.

Regarding the texture and appearance of the bud, it is very similar to that of Critical +. It is not an auto bud, but it is compact, chalice-shaped, and very resinous.

Aromas and Flavors

The aroma and flavor of this marijuana plant are marked. It is a sweet and fruity smell with notes of lemon, wood and spices. The fruit tints begin to be perceived from the flowering serving as aromatherapy before even consuming the final product.


This variety is synonymous with relaxation. The sensation caused is more bodily than cerebral and spreads throughout the body, leaving an enviable muscle strain in its wake. In fact, it is usually used for medicinal purposes, and we recommend it for those who are looking for a help to sleep and to distract tensions. Depending on the tolerance of each one, and the doses consumed, it will cause one effect or the other. It can be an ally for laughter in smaller doses and synonyms for exhaustion in higher concentrations.


It is a quick and easy process, without cheating. It is a plant that fulfills its cycle in less than 70 days and is not very demanding on diet and care. That is why we recommend it for those who do not have experience in growing cannabis. Because it is a grateful genetics: it grows fast and heals without striving too hard. And it is that, it collects the benefits of an automatic: it is genetically programmed to flower from the third week, even when we do not meet the requirements of the vegetative period to the letter.

That is why we say that it is a perfect variety to lose the fear of the complexity of growing marijuana: because it will grow by itself without problem, and everything we do in its favor will be rewarded with a higher and better quality production. We recommend, for example, the contribution of 1/3 of coconut fiber to the soil mixture in order to improve soil ventilation and to accelerate metabolic processes efficiently.

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