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At Dinafem Seeds we had the need to create something really special. How did we do it? No more and no less than crossing Big Bud and a selection of Skunk, and thus we obtained a variety of marijuana with unique traits, with a lot of charisma and a high quality globally. One of the references in our collection and the favorite of many growers!


Critical + develops sativa-like cannabis plants. They are tall plants, which can reach 2.5 meters outdoors, with a spacious distance between knots and with serrated, thin and elongated leaves. However, it is very fast and, in that aspect, it behaves like an Indica. Its buds are large, heavy, compact and are impregnated with resin.


Critical + is a benchmark if we are looking for fast and abundant returns. Indoors it can reach 625 g / m2 and outdoors it can reach 1300 g / plant. A great harvest is always assured!

Aromas and Flavors

Critical + gives off a very strong and fresh lemon aroma, unique and very well proportioned. It is one of the distinctive features of this variety and those who already know it detect it as soon as they get close to it. An unmistakable identity sign!


Critical + has a slight Indica dominance and is a genetics rich in THC, which makes us find a powerful physical, relaxing and narcotic effect, very good for therapeutic use if under stress. It is a balanced effect that initially produces a very pleasant cerebral high and which is subsequently followed by a soft sensation of body relaxation.


Critical + is a very stable plant that grows with great vigor and that in a short time fills with buds. It grows so fast and with such force that indoors it is necessary to organize the crop taking into account its potential and leaving enough space for each plant. It is also necessary to provide for the placement of guardians since at any given time there are so many buds and so heavy that the branches are not capable of holding them by themselves.

Outdoors it works well in Mediterranean and temperate climates or in a greenhouse. Its only weak point is its sensitivity to humidity, but since it blooms very quickly, it is easy to avoid the problem. It works very well with the SOG and SCROG cultivation methods and any of the pruning techniques can be applied (apical, FIM, super cropping, etc). It smells so strong that outdoors it is better to cultivate it in guerillas in isolated areas and avoid balconies or terraces. Indoors, the use of anti-odor filters is mandatory if we do not want the neighborhood to echo our cultivation.

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