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Orange Juice is one of the most refreshing marijuana strains in the Dinafem catalog. Of sativa dominance, its compact, spiky buds encase an unprecedented mandarin aroma in a cannabis flower. The terpenic load of this variety is undoubtedly its highest attribute. That is why cultivating Orange Juice is synonymous with germinating a seed that derives in a quantity and quality of terpenes brought to its maximum exponent.


Orange Juice is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It is a plant whose height is remarkable and that stretches a lot, especially vertically. In addition, it presents an abundant branching. And, even though the main tail is the most generous, the lateral branching is not wasted. With a strong structure, flowering takes between nine and ten weeks. Its color, Skunk heritage, is light green.


Orange Juice is a very productive plant, which can reach half a kilo of harvest without problem. The resulting buds are quite sativa in shape: they are elongated flowers, covered with numerous orange pistils. But, the most important thing in the production of this genetics is its aroma. Its terpenic profile makes this harvest ideal for extractions. It doesn't matter if it's Dry Sift Hash, Roisin, Bubble Hash, BHO, RSO or any other. The high amount of terpenes will turn these concentrates into authentic delicatessen.

Aromas and Flavors

Here is the reason for such a stir. The aroma of Orange Juice is one of those scents that are not forgotten. One of those fragrances that is sought in all flowers once Orange Juice has been inspired, and that it is impossible to replicate in any other variety. It smells like sweet orange, like tangerine, and that aroma stays in the mouth. Because its flavor is citric and also refreshing.


The Orange Juice effect is joyful. Its consumption leads to a pleasant and optimistic relaxation. It's not especially euphoric or cerebral, but it does help make it all the more fun. In addition, it is not excessively durable or powerful, so it can be enjoyed without being a consumer especially accustomed to cannabinoids.


The Orange Juice sativa dominance does not make it a very demanding plant, in terms of fertilization or nutrition. With a standard amount of nutrients it will develop easily. If it is important instead, given its height, consider this stretch if we are going to cultivate it indoors because it will exceed expectations. It is also important to note that your scent will not go unnoticed. So, if we grow it indoors we don't skimp on the quality of the filters. And if we do it outdoors, we do not expect discretion in the next area.

It responds well to SCROG, SOG and even apical pruning methods. Be that as it may, in any case it is convenient to prune the lower branches, which do not receive enough light to develop fully, and divert energy to the central stem and upper lateral branches.

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