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Behind the Shark Shock CBD marijuana seeds are years of hard work, a process that dates back to the 90s, with the birth of one of the most worked genetics of the decade, the mythical Shark Shock


Shark Shock CBD develops plants of medium height, with short internodes, profuse branching and a rather rounded shape. Its buds develop especially long and striking pistils.


This is undoubtedly one of the strengths of this magnificent variety. Shark shock CBD guarantees abundant harvests of hard buds, very compact and full of resin. A safe bet for those looking for an easy way to ensure a good cannabis harvest with a balanced effect and very useful for some therapeutic applications.

Aromas and Flavors

Shark Shock CBD marijuana plants have an intense aroma and flavor, with bittersweet and garlic notes.


Thanks to its 1: 1 ratio, Shark Shock CBD produces a balanced and relaxing effect perfect to relieve stress and, due to its indica dominance, ideal for relaxing before bed. Its high CBD content makes it a perfect strain for therapeutic use or for those who like to enjoy soft cannabis, without the powerful effect produced by strains with a high THC content. It is a perfect genetics to consume after a hard day at work while we take a relaxing hot bath.


Shark Shock CBD is the ideal variety for those looking for a great performance in a short time, since it is a variety that generates copious harvests and has a very short flowering period (55 days), after which we can fill the pantry with a abundant amount of buds rich in cannabidiol.

It is a variety that behaves properly both indoors and outdoors, although it will always appreciate temperate or Mediterranean climates, if we are not lucky enough to live under these climatic conditions and want to grow it outdoors, it is better to do it under under the cover of a greenhouse.

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