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Bubba Kush is a legendary feminized cannabis seed. So Dinafem Seeds could not do without it in its catalog; because it is the most acclaimed indica plant of all time. It is one of the most valued varieties in the United States and its history dates back to the 90s, when some Kush lovers were breeding in Los Angeles.


Bubba Kush is a shrubby plant. Compact, with few ramifications and little internodal distance, it is perfect for small spaces, because its stretch is very controllable. It usually reaches approximately one meter in height indoors. It is the purest indica, with very wide leaves, extremely dense and with highly developed lateral branches. The vast majority of specimens of this variety usually have dark colors in the last section of flowering. And when the top layer is dyed dark green and sprinkled with some purple leaves, Bubba Kush shows extraordinary beauty.


Bubba Kush stands out for the quality of its production. Not so much for its quantity, but for the richness of its flowers: very compact buds with a wealth of unique trichomes. Very hard and sticky flowers, which contain a unique aroma and an effect worthy of legend. The resin produced by this plant is one of its most valued virtues: it produces a large quantity of resin of the highest quality.

Aromas and Flavors

Bubba Kush has a unique aroma. Not for nothing is it often said that "it smells like Bubba". With this we mean a gasoline smell, earthy medium, with notes of coffee, spices and citrus. These characteristics also translate into flavor: an exceptional taste that leaves no one indifferent. Both have a great personality that, when consumed in combustion, is transformed into a thick and dense smoke.


Bubba Kush has a devastating effect: painkiller and long-lasting. Its THC levels are around 18% and we recommend it for people used to using cannabis. Because the effect is powerful. Very corporal, eliminating the physical tensions of a stroke. But also cerebral, clarifying the thought.


Bubba Kush is a plant suitable for all types of growers, including novices. Because it is a frankly grateful variety: resistant to drought and short flowering (around 60 and 65 days), it offers amazing results without expert care. It only presents one problem: it has many leaves, which are very wide, and this leafiness can remove light from the flowers in the center of the plant. But it is an easy solution handicap: pruning.

Therefore, we are pending its growth at the end of the vegetative period, when the plant begins to flower, because that is when the mistake could be made. We can then the central leaves because only in this way, with adequate aeration and luminosity, will we achieve that the central buds develop normally without damage from humidity. Keep in mind that outdoors, in natural light, Bubba Kush matures approximately in mid-October.

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