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Critical Jack Auto is the powerful autoflowering version of one of the tastiest strains in our catalog, Critical Jack. A marijuana seed that maintains that special aroma that has made this genetics famous and combines it with all the virtues of autoflowering, a quick and easy way to fill the pantry with fragrant, high-quality buds.


It is a wonderful medium-sized cannabis plant, quite branched, fir-shaped and intermediate-distance internodes.


Critical Jack Auto is a very grateful plant, because with little care it receives, it will respond generating a generous harvest of dense and elongated buds covered in resin.

Aromas and Flavors

Who said that the taste of the automatics was not of quality? This autoflowering hybrid was born to silence many rumors, since one puff is enough to destroy any prejudice. So much so, that this intense combination of citrus notes, cedar and spices, have made it the favorite of fans of extractions.


This genetics is undoubtedly a car for lovers of powerful varieties. Its effect is balanced, physical and also mental, and produces relaxation at the muscular level. It is an ideal plant to consume before receiving a good massage late in the day.


Critical Jack Auto a marijuana plant ideal for those growers looking for a safe bet, quality, and speed. An easy-to-grow, easy-to-grow Dinagirl that grows vigorous and takes up to 80 days to harvest. An autoflowering hybrid that works well both indoors and outdoors, and if we're lucky enough to live in an area where summers are hot and long, this stinky variety will allow us to carry out multiple harvests, an easy and fast way to maximize the production.

If we are going to cultivate it outdoors, it is an ideal candidate for guerrilla cultivation and in rural and isolated environments. However, it is not the most suitable plant if what we are looking for is discretion, since its rather large size and its penetrating perfume can betray it and alarm snooping neighbors. Indoors, we recommend using a 20/4 light cycle with 600W HPS to get the most out of this gem.

Critical Jack Auto supports a fertilization slightly above that recommended by the manufacturer, and one way to obtain the maximum potential of the plant is to add 1/3 of coconut fiber to the soil mixture to accelerate the assimilation and growth process. . In addition, it is convenient to water with small amounts but frequently

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