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blunts  Juicy Hemps Wraps  of different flavors, come pre-filled and with a cardboard spout already added, certain that fill and light them to enjoy your herb to the maximum.

Blunt  Juicy Hemps Wraps  made of hemp, designed for the most demanding consumers, because they can enjoy their herb in a more natural way, which they can accompany with a pleasant fruit background. These blunts already come bundled and with the mouthpiece on, so you only have to fill it from the top.

We recommend filling it enough so that it comes out fat, as it will light better and you will enjoy the entire joint more. To facilitate the work, it includes a plastic tube, with which we can help ourselves to press it from the beginning - which will help us to leave it uniform but without exceeding the pressure.

It is preferable to fill the blunt well and make the fat joint rather than stretch it and make a long joint without pressing, since it will not ignite in the same way, which will force you to make stronger and more forceful puffs and will make you think that you have wasted your grass .

Made purely from hemp, these blunts are free of tobacco or nicotine, allowing you to enjoy it with the certainty that it introduces the minimum amount of harmful substances into your body.

The flavored blunts also provide a special flavor to the joint, which will blend with the nuances of your herb offering you a delicious new flavor. On the other hand, if you choose the natural one, you can enjoy the purest flavor of your herb.

The container is plastic and the container reused, perfect for those who like to leave the house with their joints and bundles, or for those who want to transport their buds in a more discreet way.

* 2 Blunts in each container

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