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Classic is the range of linen paper with natural hemp rubber from the RAW brand. RAW paper is made with the intention of gradually ridding cigarettes of additives and following the trend of bringing less and less processed products to the market. Ultra-thin natural paper, the natural way to roll.

Being less processed, it does not contain any of the chemical components that are necessary to bleach the paper (such as lead or arsenic). The paper is so thin that it is translucent, and its gum is based on sugars instead of the usual chemical gums or animal derivatives. Raw's manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. Paper is a blend of natural rice and flax fibers in the Raw Classic.

RAW Rolling Papers is a new product that is expanding in the smoker market with great success. This is a new, less precessed smoking paper unlike anything seen so far. The fibers of the Raw paper are not bleached with chlorine, so the sheets have a translucent light brown color. Raw is so fine that you can see through it. All blades carry the patented Criss-Cross watermark; This special watermark prevents tearing in the paper and provides the slow and uniform combustion for which it is famous.

RAW is the culmination of a project of over 12 years to produce the most natural cigarette paper possible. The project arose after smoking an additive-free cigarette pack in 1993. The idea was, if it is possible to make an additive-free cigarette, would it be possible to also develop a cigarette paper without additives? Rumors abound about the additives that mass-marketed conventional cigarette paper has in its composition, such as gunpowder. These additives cause the combustion of it to produce much higher levels of carbon monoxide. RAW was determined to produce and market the world's most natural cigarette paper.

After the first tests Raw made giving away samples, many smokers noticed Raw's taste "different" from their usual booklets; This is because smokers are usually used to the taste of certain chemicals (such as chlorine) and others that result in the process of bleaching the paper. The experience becomes similar to smoking in a specially designed pipe. Raw's next step was to add a watermark, the patented Criss-Cross technique, which achieves slow and even combustion.

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