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Afghani 1 is a feminized seed from the Sensi Seeds bank. It has all the characteristics that any Marijuana grower looks for in a seed: production, speed and powerful effect.

Afghani 1 Feminized

 This indica seed, almost 100%, from Banco Sensi Seeds is a great strain that will give us an extensive production and full of resin, all in record time.

Afghani 1 Features


This variety comes from the selection of the best Afghani strains, the authentic ones. They have chosen several Afghans and have crossed them until obtaining the best characteristics.


This Maria plant has a broad structure and a very thick main stem. It is a strong and leafy plant.

Indoors we will have a plant with a medium height and a strong and compact structure.

Outdoors we will have specimens up to 2 m tall. Leafy and with buds full of a lot of resin.


Indoors we will have to extend the growth stage a few days so that the plant grows taller and can give more production in bloom. we only have to worry about there being good ventilation and extraction in the grow cabinet or room.

Outdoors, the more direct sun you get the better. It will not need much care given its early flowering, we will not be caught by the rains or the cold.


Within 65 days we will have the Afghani from Sensi Seeds ready to harvest. The buds will be fat and very very resinous.

Indoors we will get up to 500 gr / m2 with about 9 or 10 plants

Outdoors we will take up to 1kg / copy. A real brutality.


Afghani 1 will leave us kao. It is a powerful relaxant, both physically and brain. It is perfect for people with insomnia, they will sleep in one breath.

It is not recommended to smoke it on a daily basis if we have to do tasks or jobs.

Aroma and flavor

Indoors we recommend the use of anti-odor filters because this strain is very aromatic.

As for the flavor, a mix of citrus, earthy aromas and hashish. The afghan is the most widely used marijuana plant for the production of hashish. So, don't be surprised by the taste.

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