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The Rosin KP-2 press is a machine to extract the resin from our marijuana using the "rosin" technique. This technique consists of extracting cannabis resin from the flowers by means of pressure and heat without using any type of solvents or gases. A trichome concentrate extremely similar to BHO is obtained and has the added advantage that it is not necessary to use chemical substances.

The Rosin Press Machine (manual), consists of a machine to extract the resin from our marijuana. To be more specific, this technique is called "rosin". It is a trichome concentrate very similar to BHO, only in this case it is extracted using pressure and heat, instead of with a solvent and cold.

Aside from not using solvents and being safer, it also has many other advantages. The extraction process is really short, being able to consume it as soon as we have extracted it.

With 1 ton of pressure, with this press we will only have to put our grass or hashish between the two plates, control the temperature and wait for the resin to come out of our buds. Using this machine you will have quality and quantity extractions with the least possible effort.

There are two things you cannot miss to make the rosin extractions: the non-stick (oven) paper, since the melted resin will fall on it and then it will be much easier to collect it, and the filter bag for rosin. In it we will put our vegetable matter so that when we press it, the extraction of grass remains will not fill us and it will be much cleaner. The good thing is that we can use a small amount of grass, being able to make extractions with about 4-6g of marijuana.

How to use La Rosin Press Machine (manual):

The first thing of all is knowing that we will be able to make our extractions with marijuana or hashish. Hashish does not need us to do anything beforehand, just that it is pure and of quality. In the case of grass, we will have to remove all the remains of sticks and leaves that are useless.

Then we have to check the state of the grass, since if it is very dry we will hardly get a return. Therefore, if it is very dry we will have to give it some moisture, more or less at the point that it stays when we have them in the process of healing. For this we can use small specific bags to add some moisture to our grass (vault envelope). After a couple of days with the envelope in the pot, our grass will be spongy again.

Next we will take our material to extract and we will put it inside the filter bag for rosin. In the case of making it with grass we will use the 120 micron and if we make it from hashish we will use the 37 micron.

Then we will take a rosin paper, which covers the entire width of the plates. When we see that the paper has the appropriate width we will fold it in half and then along the edges so that the resin does not escape from the end and thus avoid losing part of the extraction or dirtying the press.

Done all this, we will only have to turn on our press and select the desired temperature. When the press has warmed up we will proceed to extract the resin. For this we will put the filter bag for rosin (with our grass inside) and then we will lower the lever and wait for about 30 seconds before raising the lever again.

Finally we will take out the bag and take a look at the extracted resin. You have to let the resin cool down, after a while it will be easier for us to put all the pieces together in a single resin ball. If we want we can use a dabber to join all the extraction, which will be of great help to us.

After gathering all the resin we can consume it on the spot, although we recommend waiting a week or so for the extraction to have lost some moisture. After these 7 days you will have acquired a little more hardness and a crystalline appearance. We can consume rosin in the same way as BHO, being able to smoke it in a pipe, put it in our joint and mixed with olive oil.

Package content:

1 resin press machine (KP-2)

1 x power cord

1 stainless steel dab tool (A)

10 x baking paper

1x silicone key

1 x box

1 x User Manual

4 x magnetic absorption

Package size: 266mm * 150mm * 310mm

Product size: 108mm * 145mm * 274mm

Product Weight: 4.5Kg


Plug in the power cord and turn on the power switch.

Adjust the operating temperature by pressing and holding the increase button on the temperature control panel until the required temperature is reached. Releasing the button will automatically heat the heating tube to the set temperature. The recommended temperature is 220 °.

Wrap the flower body in baking paper and place it in the middle of the hot plate. Lower the lever to bring the upper and lower heating plates together and wait 30 seconds for the resin to begin to exude.

Collect the extracted paste using the collection tool.

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