BP.Terra Seed 25L

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Terra Seed Mix is the perfect substrate for the germination of the seeds of your favorite plants.

The homogeneous and stable structure of Canna Terra Seed Mix favors water retention.

It contains a perfect combination of organic matter and helps with water retention, making germination successful. In addition, it provides the ideal amount of micro and macronutrients that our cannabis plants need in their first days of life.

With CANNA Terra Seed Mix we will achieve a fast rooting, with resistant and healthy plants that will give rise to incredible yields.

The manufacturer CANNA recommends its use in combination with CANNA Rhizotonic, for fast and excellent results.

We must bear in mind that the first days of life of our cannabis plants are very delicate, which is why CANNA Terra Seed Mix ensures us a healthy and balanced diet, in its proper measure, so that the development of our plants is optimal.


CANNA Terra Seed Mix strengths

Provides great quality in seed germination

Accelerates rooting of cuttings

Adds vigor to our cannabis plants

Makes our plants grow healthy and resistant


How to use CANNA Terra Seed Mix

[Sow / Seed Germination]

Plant the cannabis seeds in the CANNA Terra Seed Mix substrate at a depth of 2-3 mm. We must do it in a bucket with a maximum diameter of 5 cm. After this, spray regularly with water, without waterlogging.

Keep in a humid environment of 20-25º.


[Cultivation of young plants]

We must bear in mind that young plants are very delicate, so we cannot expose them directly to direct sunlight or place them under a powerful cultivation lamp. Our young cannabis plants will be ready to transplant to CANNA Terra Seed Mix when they have developed 2 or 3 leaves.

What we have to do is water our young plants with water that has a low EC (1,2) and add CANNA Rhizotonic to further strengthen the root system.


[Outdoor cultivation]

We must bear in mind that the temperature of the soil growing cannabis plants outdoors does not provide optimal germination of our seeds, so the ideal would be to make our cannabis seeds germinate indoors and then, once germinated, place them in a place where they get used to the outdoor environment.



Once our cannabis plants have been well rooted in the CANNA Terra Seed Mix, we can transplant them into the final culture medium.


** CANNA Terra Seed Mix plastic packaging material is 100% recyclable. Store in a cool place at a temperature above 4ºC (40º F). Contents 25L.

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