Top Max 5L

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BioBizz Top Max is a 100% organic stimulator to accelerate flowering, it will make the transport of nutrients faster through the plant obtaining the best harvests.

Advance the flowering process of your cannabis plants with BioBizz Top Max

BioBizz Top Max is a powerful organic stimulator that accelerates flowering and transports nutrients faster through the plant to help them produce the best yields.

This additive with 100% organic ingredients of the highest quality is completely environmentally friendly so you can use it without fear outdoors. It gives excellent results on all types of organic substrates. It can also be used in indoor crops.

It is not suitable for drip irrigation systems, since its organic components can obstruct your pipes and drippers, and can cause drought in your plants.

Stimulate your plants and increase flowering for a better harvest with BioBizz Top Max

Stimulate your plants by bringing the available nutrients faster to their place in the plant, speeding up the process and obtaining better results in your flowering. Abundant harvests, in size and weight. It leaves a soft sweet touch in your final product.

Bio Bizz Top Max contains humic and fulvic acids that ensure that all nutrients are transported by the plant more fluidly. Obtained from Leonardite, which comes from trees that died millions of years ago during the carboniferous period that have not yet been transformed into coal. Being underground, they have an electrical charge that they possess naturally and attract beneficial microscopic life for the plant. A fantastic source of nutrients with guaranteed results.

Dosage and instructions for use of BioBizz Top Max:

Add 2 to 5 ml per liter of water in all the irrigations of the flowering phase.

Composition of BioMax TopMax:

Nitrogen 0.2%

Phosphorous 0.2%

Potassium 0.1%

Iron 0.01%

Zinc 0.003%

Boron 0.01%

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