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Plant Vitality Plus by BAC is a protector for our plants that serves to prevent and cure. Prepare your plants to repel attacks and repair them from stress, spider mites and fungi. Foliar application.

BAC Organic Grow is ideal for growing our plants in organic crops

It is a 100% natural fertilizer for the growth phase that will provide your plants with all the nutrients necessary for vigorous vegetative development from the seeds, or cuttings, until the flowering phase begins.

With Organic Grow, you will be able to give it the best contributions of organic nutrients, thus forming healthy and strong plants, capable of supporting anything in bloom. Thick stems and leaves with vitality thanks to this fantastic growth fertilizer, which leaves no doubt that it is one of the best on the market.

Foliar application of Plant Vitality Plus by BAC to strengthen the plant and reduce its stress

Plant Vitality Plus by BAC is a spray application product for our plants to prevent and cure stress, red spider and fungal attacks. It strengthens the cell wall of plants in such a way that parasites will not be able to penetrate them and will prefer to attack other plants.

For a correct absorption of the product by your plants, you must spray the underside of the leaves, from bottom to top. The underside of the leaves is much more porous than the top and assimilates better. It is recommended to spray in low light conditions; at dusk outdoors and just before the lights go out indoors to avoid causing burns to our plants.

Properties of BAC Plant Vitality Plus fertilizer

You can spray it on the top layer of the substrate for greater efficiency.

Use when your plants have suffered an attack by a pest or if your plants are sad and a little degenerate. With Plant Vitality Plus they will regain that lost energy and vitality. It also serves as a preventive of food stress, heat stress, transplant stress and against mites.

How is BAC Plant Vitality Plus fertilizer used?

Dilute 50ml / L of water and spray the leaves well at the top and bottom, if used as a preventive repeat the process every 15 days.

To combat pests, apply the same proportion but repeat the process every 5 days.

In case of fighting with the red spider or any other ground insect, it is recommended to also spray the upper layer of the substrate, thus completely eliminating any egg or larvae that has fallen from the leaves.

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