Manta calentadora 55x35 cm (30w)

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30w VDL I-Clone Thermal Blanket

With these thermal blankets you can heat small surfaces to raise the room temperature, perfect for rooting cuttings or fruiting mushroom kits.

Sizes and powers:

-30w I Clone Thermal Blanket: 55 x 35 cm

The heating blanket for use under seedbeds or propagators, in stages such as germination or cutting, will be a necessary complement in the process, providing extra heat and stimulating root growth.

IClone Thermal Blankets provide stable, continuous heat while lit, stimulating the underside of plant roots or cuttings. They are protected with a waterproof plastic layer that repels water that may fall on it, preventing internal resistance from getting wet.

They can be placed under pots, plastic seedbeds, propagation trays or plastic propagators that do not have a built-in heater. You should pay special attention to humidity, as these blankets will help to consume the humidity of the substrate or growing medium more quickly, which consequently will also dry more quickly.

The measurements of these Iclone blankets can be 35X20cm and 15w of power or 55X35cm and 30w of power, depending on needs or workspace.

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