Malla Secado Chocolate (28 x 28 cm)

VAT included

25 micron mesh for different applications (bubblehash / Rosintech drying).

The Parke Extraction 25 micron Drainage Screen is ideal for drying resin extractions with ice or Ice or Lator in the most comfortable and safe way, available in 3 different sizes according to the needs of each grower.

The Parke Extraction 25 micron Drain Screen is an excellent mesh with a micron size that makes it perfect for drying resin extractions on ice. The freshly made Ice or Lator has to be dried before being able to handle it and this 25 micron sieve and made of super resistant nylon offers faster and more homogeneous drying, since it allows better ventilation and perfect water evacuation due to its very fine holes and for which no trichome will be cast.

This drainage mesh is available in 3 different sizes, all with 25 microns and dimensions of 30x30 cm. Choose the one that best suits your needs, although if you are a regular of water hashish extractions, the best option is to work with different measures according to the process we are going to carry out. Simply spread the wet hash over the mesh and leave it in a dark, ventilated place, stirring with a card or card from time to time to facilitate drying.

At Cannabislandia we always have the best accessories for resin extraction and these great drain screens are accessories that every lover of extraction has ever wished to exist. It's already a reality, so don't wait

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