Columna Extracción BHO 45 Gr Tubo 1.5" x 6" - BHOnas

VAT included

Mini 45 gram BHO extraction column, 1.5 "x 6" tube.

Perfect to get started in BHO extraction.

Butane Hash Oil or BHO is a popular concentrate of cannabis culture. It is called "butane" because it is the gas that is most commonly used to carry out the extraction, although it can also be done with other solvents such as propane or methane. This gas passes through the plant matter dragging the active ingredients and terpenes to create the concentrated BHO oil.

Depending on the type of extraction, we will find it with different concentrations and consistencies, ranging from a soft paste to a hard cookie.

The open BHO extraction systems consist of a container for the plant material, a filter and two gas inlet and outlet valves to regulate the flow. They can be used by opening both valves and letting the gas flow continuously to dissolve the matter to be extracted and dragging it under pressure, or you can close the outlet valve, fill the gas container and close the inlet valve to allow the solvent interact with the vegetable matter for a longer time before opening the outlet valve to collect the extract and purge the gas.

In these systems, the gas is lost and released directly into the air, so it is highly recommended to do so outdoors.


Tube measurements: 1.5 "x 6" (approx. 4 x 15 cm.)

Vegetable matter capacity: 45 grams.


BHOnas is not responsible for the use that users make of these machines. Its use for the extraction and distribution of narcotic or psychotropic substances is illegal.

Working with flammable gases (such as butane, propane, methane, etc.) is a dangerous activity. It is essential to take extreme precautions and check the joints well and securely secure all the seals to ensure complete sealing and avoid leaks. The use of a gas leak detector is highly recommended. In any case, they should always be used outdoors or in rooms with a lot of ventilation. DO NOT SMOKE OR PRODUCE SPARKS OR USE APPLIANCES WHICH MAY PRODUCE ELECTRICAL SHOCK IN THE IMMEDIATIONS OF THESE MACHINES. BHOnas IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES CAUSED DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY BY THE USE OF THESE MACHINES.

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