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The design and size of our bags that fit most hot plates and irons, and are available in 25 micron, 45 micron, 73 micron, 160 micron size.

The Pure Extract Bag 45 microns by Parke de Extractions is a resin extraction mesh with water and ice also known as Ice Olator. It is a mesh made of high quality nylon and an original replacement with which to replace the 45 micron bag included in the 20 and 120 liter Pure Extract Bag kits and ideal to purchase individually and make an extraction kit at our whim with the microns that suit us best.

The way of use of the extraction meshes is simple, you have to have a bucket in which the meshes enter and at their ends they can be fastened. The first mesh to be put should be that of the lowest micron, generally 25 microns. On her and always from less to greater the others are placed, holding them well with the included ropes. The last will be the highest micron, 190 or 220 microns. Fill the bucket with water and ice, and wait for it to cool before removing the ice. We add the herb that we will preferably have in the freezer a couple of hours before and we begin to beat with a mixer. The trichomes will come off and filter through the meshes. The first meshes will retain the plant material and the following ones will retain the trichomes according to their size and that will also influence their quality. It only remains to remove the meshes one by one, collecting the pollen accumulated in their bottom and putting it to dry.

At Cannabislandia we always have the best accessories for the extraction of resin and this Pure Extract Bag 25 microns by Parke de Extractions cannot miss any lover of good hashish. Wait no more and get it now at the best price.


Microns: 45

Sizes: 20 and 120 liters

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