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The Hy-Pro Coco Starter Pack Contains the liquid nutrients you need. These fertilizers are formulated so that plants react in the best way in all kinds of conditions.


Coco Rootstimulator is a product specialized in the good development of the roots in the coconut crop, so that they are healthy and resistant, forming a dense and firm base for the good development of the plant.

It is highly recommended to combine Coco Rootstimulator with Coco A + B to achieve the best results in this medium.


Spraymix is ​​a food for your plants so that they can be much more resistant.

This product is applied directly on the leaves, the plants absorb it and in a few days you can see much greener and healthier leaves. Spraymix allows your crops to be more resistant to attacks and negative external agents, as well as helping the plant to generate many more leaves.

2X COCO A + B 500 ML

Plants have different feeding needs throughout their life, which is why Hy-Pro Coco A + B gathers all the necessary nutrients for each of the stages in plants grown in coconut. A product separated into two parts, to perfectly adapt to each stage of the plant, providing the essential minerals and trace elements for an abundant harvest and with large and strong.

Coco A + B is a perfect product for both professionals and amateurs or beginners, with a highly concentrated formula that will give visible results.


HY-PRO Epic Blast is a flowering accelerator formed by a balanced mixture of minerals and trace elements, based on chelates and coconut extracts.

Custom built to speed up the flowering phase. With HY-PRO's Epic Blast you will get firmer, bigger and more vigorous flowers and fruits. HY-PRO Epic Blast, is completely soluble in water and leaves no residue, just like the rest of the HY-PRO products


Generator regulates the stability and power of your plant through Silicon. These elements can help your crops grow constantly, while stimulating the creation of heavy fruits in bloom, as long as it is dosed properly.

The Generator recipe is formulated to be suitable for any type of substrate or soil.

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