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BAC Auto Stimulator is a complement for your autoflowering plants that will make them feed much better on the fertilizers we use, therefore obtaining better yields.

BAC's Auto Stimulator is a supplement for autoflowering plants so that they feed much better, obtaining better yields. A product specially designed for autoflowering that allows us to get the best out of these fantastic varieties.

When we use Auto Stimulator from BAC we will get our automatic plants to start feeding well from the beginning of flowering, gaining much more root mass, more leaf area and consequently, bigger and more productive plants. By having a good size when the flowers begin to appear, we will obtain large harvests of resinous buds.

At the end of flowering it helps you better assimilate all the nutrients you need. It can be used in combination with any fattening fertilizer, but using it in combination with BAC Fast Food we will obtain the best possible results.

BAC Auto Stimulator feeds the microorganisms necessary for your plants to assimilate all the nutrients from BAC Fast Food.

Keep between 15ºC and 20ºC to keep its properties intact.

Dosage and how to use B.A.C Auto Stimulator:

In combination with organic fertilizers:

Add in the irrigation water from 0.2ml / L to 0.4ml / L in the first and last week of flowering.

In combination with mineral fertilizers:

Add in the irrigation water from 0.2ml / L to 0.4ml / L in the fattening phase in full bloom.

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