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Root Juice accelerates beastly root formation and growth.

Formulated 100% with natural plant products. Suitable for organic cultivation.

Root Juice by BioBizz is a powerful root system stimulator for your plants to better absorb nutrients and grow large, strong plants. The roots of the plants are crucial for our plants to grow healthy and to develop rapidly.

It is added to a base of fertilizers that provide the main food and Root Juice will ensure that the plant assimilates all the nutrients thanks to the vigorous development of the roots that your plants will experience.

It can be combined with any range for growth and flowering, but it fits perfectly with the BioBizz base ranges; Consult his elaborate cultivation table to achieve professional results.

Add it to your irrigation water throughout the vegetative phase and during the first three weeks of the flowering phase.

With the RoB Juice root stimulator from BioBizz we will give our plants a good root system with which to hold on to the soil tightly and with which they will feed with all their desire to form healthy and strong plants that complete their cycle without problems. Root Juice will give your plants a root blast that will be visibly noticeable in the crop. When we reach the end of the cycle, we will see that our plants have grown strong, have fed well and consequently we have produced very good production. All this in a 100% ecological way so as not to give chemicals to our plants and win in the final product since you will get the best flavor.

Dosage and instructions for Root Juice by Bio Bizz:

Apply 2 to 5ml / L of water in the irrigation, together with the other BioBizz fertilizers that touch that week. It is used especially at the beginning of growth, when we start flowering and when we transplant from a pot.

BioBizz Root Juice composition:

NPK 0.2-0.2-0.1

Nitrogen 0.2%

Phosphorous 0.2%

Potassium 0.1%

Iron 0.012%

Zinc 0.004%

Cu 0.0018%

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