Delta 9 Cannabiogen 500cc

VAT included

Increases enzyme and protein activity

determinant for the biosynthesis of cannabinoids, especially THC.

Presentation: 500 c.c.

Delta Nine is an algae-based stimulator that stimulates flowering.

Increases the enzymatic and proteinic activity determining for the biosynthesis of cannabinoids, especially THC.

The content of cytokinins, auxins and natural giberilins stimulate cell division and the biosynthesis of proteins and enzymes. Cytokinins are involved in all phases of plant growth, from root formation to the development of stems, leaves, and buds. The influence on cannabis is notable, especially when stimulating and promoting stress defense processes, which leads to a greater production of cannabinoid-loaded resins without appreciable impairment in performance as each individual develops superior tolerance.

Betaines, polyamines, and oligosaccharides are also involved in stimulating cell metabolism. Mainly they favor the osmotic balance of the cells while protecting them, providing better functionality without appreciable cellular deterioration. On the other hand, polyamines and oligosaccharides are produced naturally by plants, and what little is known is that they promote the production of ethylene that influences the improvement of quality, floral maturation, aroma and flavor, at the same time. that reduce the extra energy expenditure involved in the manufacture of these substances by the plant, when they are supplied from abroad.

In short, with Delta Nine the greatest specific synergy for professional cannabis cultivation is achieved, with immediate visible results that provide a 25% increase in THCA levels and a 30% increase in the exclusive yield of flowering, in four distinct phases:

  General biostimulation of all metabolic processes in Cannabis sativa L, through the selective incorporation of the correct and precise substances for this plant species.

  Promoting and facilitating the production of terpenes and precursor cannabinoids (Geranyl Pyrophosphate and Cannabinogerol, mainly) of the biosynthesis of THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid).

  Two specific substances act as cofactors of the substrate ferment in the enzymatic catalysis of THCA, increasing the production of this enzyme.

  Selective activation and stimulation of the enzyme protein "THCA synthase", essential for the production of THC.

Suitable for foliar, soil and hydroponic application.

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