Guanokalong en polvo 3kg

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Guanokalong is a natural fertilizer suitable for organic farming.

The proof that it is totally organic is that bats feed on insects and fruit.

This food is present in the jungle where humans have no influence.

Guanokalong contains a mixture of macro, microelements and enzymes that cannot be chemically reproduced

in a laboratory and releases nutrients and minerals in a controlled way, so that the roots are not burned.

Unique enzymes and calcium and magnesium content stimulate the life of soil microorganisms.

It operates from week 1 until the end. Can be used indoors and outdoors.

It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is available in two types of structure, powder and liquid extract.

The powder is incorporated before the transplant, since in this way it releases the nutrients slowly but continuously and

covers the rooting and flowering stages, which are the moments when there is a greater demand for phosphorus by the plant,

although it is also used as a surface fertilizer and to contribute with the irrigation water, so that the fertilizer is

available to the plant quickly. In addition to its properties as a fertilizer, it improves the structure of the soil.

Each container has a measuring cup to facilitate the application of the product.

Guaranteed wealth: N = 2%, P2O5 = 15%, K2O = 2%, S = 0.2%, Ca / Mg = 15%, Cu = 15 mg / kg, Zn = 20 mg / kg, Cl = 100 mg / kg.

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