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Terra Vega de Canna is a complete fertilizer for the growth phase that provides the essential nutrients for your plants to grow healthy and strong in soil substrate.

Base fertilizer for the growth phase of Canna, Terra Vega

Terra Vega de Canna is a growth based fertilizer that provides essential nutrients for your plants to grow healthy and strong on organic substrates with nutrients such as soil. Your plants will experience an exuberant vegetative development that prepares our crop for a very productive flowering.

The first quality ingredients of mineral origin that compose it are completely soluble in water and 100% assimilable by your plants. It guarantees a correct development of your plants, without deficiencies during the vegetative phase.

Terra Vega de Canna can be used in any drip irrigation system, without fear of blockages in the pipes.

Combine Canna's Terra Vega with a good rooting for future flowering

It is usually combined with other additives that stimulate root growth, such as Canna Rhizotonic and products that stimulate soil life, such as Canna Boost Accelerator, or reconvert the organic matter present in the substrate, such as Cannazym, to maximize the yield of your crops.

You will get huge specimens of a radiant green with very little effort. Consult the studied cultivation table provided by the manufacturer for professional results when harvesting.

Dosage and method of use of Terra Vega de Canna:

Add after the plant has 3 pairs of leaves.

We will add 4 to 5ml per liter of water from your nutrient solution.

Supply it to your plants alternating with watering only with water, without fertilizers, during the growth process of our plants.

It can be used in combination with other additives like Rhizotonic from canna.

Composition of Terra Vega de Canna:

NPK 3-1-3

3% Nitrogen.

1% Phosphorus.

3% Potassium.

1% magnesium.

0.7% Sulfur.

0.005% Boron.

0.0006% Copper.

0.014% Iron.

0.01% Manganese.

0.0013% Molybdenum.

0.005% Zinc.

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