Bio Grow 1L

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Bio Grow BioBizz is a growth fertilizer, 100% organic, with which you will give everything your plant needs for growth. Your plants will grow strong and healthy.

Fully organic growth base fertilizer with Bio Grow from Bio Bizz

Bio Grow by BioBizz is a basic fertilizer for the growth phase, with 100% organic ingredients that will give them everything you need for your plants for the first life cycle. Your plants will grow vigorously and become large, strong and healthy.

You can combine it with stimulators and other additives of any brand, but for a professional harvest we recommend consulting BioBizz's simple table of nutrients. For example, adding Rob-Juice from Biobizz will achieve rapid root development, which translates into much higher air mass and better harvests.

Properties and benefits of Bio Grow from Bio Bizz

This fertilizer with top quality ingredients has been expressly formulated for use in crops with organic substrates such as coconut and soil. It should not be used in automated irrigation systems because it is likely to clog conduits and drippers.

With Bio Grow from Bio Bizz, we will be giving our plants a natural mix of more than 80 components. Without phosphates, which are harmful to the environment and to people. Valid for all types of soil and peat mixes. Its components activate the bacterial life of the soil, making the nutrients available in the soil more assimilable. You will get the best growing yields, with 100% natural fertilizer, made from beets and sugar cane.

Dosage and how to use Bio-Grow from BioBizz:

Add 2-4ml per liter to the irrigation water. Always water with the nutrient mixture until the flowering phase begins, which is when we will reduce the dose significantly by Bio-Bloom. From this moment on, it is recommended to continue adding 1ml of Bio Grow to our irrigation solution as a stimulant of the organic activity of the substrate and to prevent our plant from losing or remaining at low levels of nitrogen.

BioBizz Bio-Grow composition:

NPK 4-3-6

Nitrogen 4%

Ammoniacal 1.5%

Nitrate 0.2%

Organic nitrogen 2.3%

Phosphorus 3%

Potassium 6%

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