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Plants need balanced fertilizers. Our B'cuzz Soil Nutrition A + B soil food lays the foundation for excellent cultivation both in the field and in potted soil.

It is a professional bio-mineral food that provides stability and biological balance to the substrate. It contains almost all the substances necessary for the entire growth process. The B'cuzz Soil Nutrition A + B food is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

1 component Soil Nutrition B'Cuzz by Atami, basic fertilizer to apply throughout the crop

1 Component Soil Nutrition of Atami is a base fertilizer with which to carry out the entire life cycle of our strains, we will only have to increase the milliliters applied as the cycle progresses.

It is perfect for growers who do not have the money to make a large investment in their crop, since they can apply it as a base throughout the cycle, instead of needing a base for each phase of the plant as it happens with most brands.

Depending on the phase in which your strains are, you must accompany it with other fertilizers, recommended by the B´Cuzz line itself, since its bio-mineral composition offers us high harvests without providing any chemical element in its composition.

1 component Soil Nutrition B'Cuzz from Atami must be complemented with other stimulants

During the vegetative phase you must combine it with Rootstimulator, a stimulator of the root system that will increase the development of the roots of your plants, which will improve their diet throughout the cycle. At the beginning of flowering you must start the applications of Bloomstimulator, which combined with 1 Component, will stimulate the formation of flowers throughout the plant, which will make each arm become a large bud from the base to the tip. Later you must start applying Blossom Builder, which will provide the PK levels that will drive the development of all those flowers obtained. To finish you can apply Bloombastic to the mixture, this compound will provide your plants with the PK and sugars necessary to improve the density and size of the buds, so we will have spectacular harvests when we cut our vines.

Dosage and how to use 1 component Soil Nutrition B'Cuzz: by Atami:

Alternate one watering only and another with your fertilizer mix.

Apply 1 ml / L of water from the first weeks of growth.

Increase the dose to 3ml / L at the moment you present your third knot.

At the beginning of flowering increase to 4ml / L of water.

In the fattening phase, apply 5ml / L of water.

Keep the same number of applications until you do the root washing.

1 component Soil Nutrition B'Cuzz composition w / w:

NPK: 2-3-5

N Total 2.46%

K2O 5.25%

MgO 190%

B 0.0013%

Cu 0.001%

Fe 0.032%

Mn 0.031%

Mo 0.002%

Zn 0.059%

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