Estimulador de Floración 500ml (bloei) **

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B'cuzz's BloomStimulator accelerates the start of flowering to the maximum in your marijuana plants. In combination with the rest of the B'Cuzz range you will have abundant harvests.

Atami's B'cuzz's BloomStimulator will advance the flowering phase

B'cuzz's BloomStimulator will speed up the start of flowering to the max, taking flowers everywhere and trimming internodes. The flowers will remain compact in the form of long tails, which you can finish off by later gaining weight with the rest of the product range.

Apply BloomStimulator at the beginning of flowering and you can see for yourself the explosion of flowers and the growth of the branches in Zig Zag, where before they were simply stretched. The flowering will continue its course and you will see how at the same time the flowers grow fat and the branch lengthens, the trunks stop being seen and our plants become a whole bud.

How is the B'Cuzz Atami Bloomstimulator used?

For greater effectiveness we recommend combining with Soil Booster, which we will have been applying since the middle of the vegetative phase. We will start with the Bloom Stimulator applications the moment we change the light period of our strains, or the moment we see the first hairs appear for outdoor or autoflowering growers. We will keep the applications of Bloom Stimulator up to 15 days before the harvest, gradually increasing the doses in relation to the age of the plant, but always alternating one irrigation only with water and another with fertilizers, to avoid possible excesses.

B’cuzz's Bloomstimulator dosage and usage:

During the first week of flowering, dilute 0.5ml of Bloom Stimulator for each liter of water and apply, watering only water and another with fertilizers.

Increase 0.1ml of Bloom Stimulator for every liter of water per week.

From the 5th week of flowering, keep 1ml / L for the remaining weeks to the root wash.

Atami B’cuzz Bloomstimulator formulation (w / w):

NPK 0-0-0.7

PH value 6.5-7.4

Salinity 0.07%

Dry matter 0.18%

Ash 0.00

Ammonium Nitrogen 0.05%

Nitrate Nitrogen 0.10%

Phosphorous pentoxide (P2O5) 0.01%

Potassium oxide (K2O) 0.01%

Magnesium oxide (MgO) 0.01%

Cadmium <0.10mg / kg

Chromium <5.00mg / kg

Copper <5.00mg / kg

Nickel <5.00mg / kg

Mercurial silver <0.01mg / kg

Zinc <5.00mg / kg

Sulfate <100mg / kg

Arsenic <0.10mg / kg

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