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This Hummingbird Gas without impurities is ideal for extracting your cannabis oil, BHO, wax, ... using extraction columns. It can also be used to recharge lighters and thus avoid damage due to blockages in the valve caused by impurities and other gases.

Colibrí gas is the cleanest butane on the market. This means that the gas contains practically no impurities. Hummingbird Gas 0% impurities is ideal for making BHO with the best qualities, without impurities and as clean as possible of residues, it is a gas clean of impurities and flavors.

This type of gas is the most suitable for making resin extractions since it does not contain any particles and / or foreign products that can mix with the oil or BHO.

When we make BHO we pass the gas through our pressed grass in an extraction tube and when it comes out on the other side, the gas falls with the cannabinoids that it carries as a solvent for THC.

Then we need the maximum gas to evaporate so that we have a pure and residue-free extraction, we cannot use any butane gas, since it can be harmful to health, but we have to use a specific gas for this type of case, as is the Hummingbird Gas. Thus our extractions will have the highest quality.

We can also use it to recharge the lighter, the clean gas will prevent it from working due to blockages in the valve and on top, it will less alter the taste of your cigarettes when lighting them.

BHOnas recommends not handling the gas indoors or without ventilation, it can be very dangerous. The container is designed to contain the pressure exerted by the gas, so we should not expose the bottle to light or temperatures above 50ºC.

400ml container.

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