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A revolution among the small clamp fans on the market, being the first of them oscillating. This model, thanks to its rotating head system, allows better air circulation with an oscillating ventilation movement of almost 180º. Design in black like the rest of the Cyclone family products but with red blades to differentiate it from the Cyclone fan with normal clamp. It is really the ideal fan for grow cabinets.


The oscillating fan with clamp, is the most suitable to buy since it has a difference advantage over other clamp fans, and that is that it is oscillating.

This fan is totally innovative; it has some red blades to achieve a quick differentiation from other common clamp fans; It has a diameter of 15 cm, producing a good power of 20W, which can be graduated in two speeds without generating greater noise.

This Fan is very quiet

With the oscillating clamp fan, you will have the possibility of turning it about 90º, thus generating a good air current that reaches every corner of the growing area, reducing the stale air that can condense in the area, which It is harmful to the quality of life of the crop, since if there is no constant air renewal, substances such as mold, dust, among others, will accumulate, which end up becoming bacteria and fungi for the harvest.

Its installation is very easy, it is just a matter of placing the clamp on the back of the fan, adjusting the inclination that we want and then we hang it in the place of preference.

Perfect for grow cabinets

This oscillating clamp fan is different from the rest of the clamp in that it is oscillating, so it is not static like the others, the moving air helps to avoid creating pockets of stale air inside the cultivation space. It is a very quiet fan place it in a corner of your grow cabinet or in a corner of the grow room and turn on the fan, it rotates approximately 90º so it reaches all parts of your cutitive.

Voltage 230V - 50Hz - 20W

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