Semillero Plástico para 60 Alveolos - BHOnas

VAT included

Tray 60 alveoli for seed germination or cuttings development, which we will place inside a propagator, thus providing the most optimal humidity and temperature conditions.

The Tray creates a perfect environment for roots

The Tray with 60 alveoli is one of the safest ways to germinate our seeds or root our cuttings, since it has been created based on the dimensions of most medium-sized propagators, which allows us to introduce up to 60 plants in a very reduced.

Each cell is made up of inert peat, avoiding the possibility of overfertilizing our strains, since during their first weeks they are especially sensitive to overfeeding. We should not apply fertilizers to the substrate until it is potted, although we can apply foliar fertilizers to our cuttings.

For transplanting to a larger pot, we must wait for our seeds to form a plant of about 10cm, or for the root of the cutting to appear from the bottom. We only have to gently press the tray from the bottom, pushing carefully to make sure it comes out of a single piece, thus avoiding damaging the roots formed.

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