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Fast, reliable and accurate pH tests, without batteries

Our liquid pH meter is perfect for easy checking and as a support for your digital meter. Our measurement product covers a wide pH range, from 4.0 to 8.5, and allows up to 500 checks with 60ml.

GHE Tester pH - Liquid will make plants grow better. It is important that the pH of the nutrient solution is slightly acidic: 5.5 to 6.5 is considered ideal.

It contains pH regulating elements, which allow reaching the nutritive solution and remain stable.

For various reasons, this stability can be modified:

When it comes to low-quality water;

When the media used have an unstable pH, such as rock wool and some brands of clay balls;

When the growth rate of the plant is so high that the nutrient solution has to be changed frequently, since the nutrients are absorbed very quickly by the plant.

The pH meter kit is perfect for easy testing. To know the pH level of a nutrient solution, half of the test tube is filled, adding 3 drops of indicator reagent. The resulting color is compared to the control card. You can do more than 200 tests with one bottle.

It is an easy to use, reliable and cheap test. Favorably replaces expensive electronic pH meters.

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