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20U Yellow Bug Traps

Adhesive traps are one of the methods of control and identification of pests most used in the gardening sector and especially in that of cannabiculture. Especially for its easy use and how useful it is to see the first insects that roam our crop. With the yellow pest trap we can identify and subsequently treat the pest with the appropriate product.

The yellow sticky trap catches mites, whiteflies, miners, aphids, thrips, and a fly fly.

They are designed in yellow, since this color is very striking for pests and therefore attracts them to the trap, where they will be stuck on both sides. The yellow strips are impregnated with glue and are totally ecological. We can use them both outdoors and in indoor marijuana crops with the same effectiveness.

How to use sticky insect traps?

It is recommended to use them throughout the cultivation, always placing them and keeping them just above the plants, with enough distance so that they are close but do not touch the trap, since they would stick together. To place it we simply remove the side seals, carefully hang it by the wire and let it slowly unwind by itself. The best pest trap brands carry low weight so they stay stretched and stable.

We can use the yellow adhesive trap until we see that it is full of insects enough to change it for a new one.

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