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Blue Dream Matic Auto is a strain from the Fast Buds bank. It is not a cross of the mythical Blue Dream and has some very stimulating effects typical of Sativa. Good production and high THC levels.

Fast Buds - Blue Dream Matic Auto

This autoflowering variety is from the Fast Buds Seeds bank in the USA. It has very precious characteristics such as high THC, very stimulating effects and good production, as well as buds full of crystallized resin.

Blue Dream Matic Features


This variety is almost 100% Sativa. Its origin is at the crossroads of a feminized Blue Dream with an automatic Tangie Matic. In this way we achieve autoflowering genetics, in addition to a fruity flavor and brain-powerful effects.


This Marijuana plant grows in the form of a bush, reaching one of 1 m or 1.20 m. It consists of middle inter-nodes and is highly branched.

Its structure is strong and dense. During flowering the buds will be dense and compact and completely covered with whitish resin.


Blue Dream Matic Auto is easy to grow. It grows vigorously and strongly.

To increase production we can cut the lower branches of the plant, do a lollipop pruning, and thus, the plant will focus its energy on developing the upper branches, which is where the light penetrates fully. We will get bushy buds at their full potential.


If we search the Blue Dream Matic website for follow-up, we will see that all growers achieve a good final production.

After about 10 or 11 weeks we will achieve an indoor harvest of about 500 gr / m2.

Outdoors we will have up to 300 gr / specimen as long as the ideal environmental conditions exist.


Its effects are very stimulating and psycho-active at the brain level due to its high THC content. These effects are long lasting. What makes this variety of Fast Buds ideal for recreational use.

When we start smoking we will notice a maximum level of euphoria that will subside to give rise to these stimulating and psycho-active effects, free of paranoia. If you want more relaxing effects take a look at Blackberry Auto Fast Buds.


Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: 30% Indica / 70% Sativa.

Crossover: Blueberry x Super Silver Haze.

Recommended cultivation: Indoor and outdoor.

Flowering indoor: 65-70 days.

Indoor production: 400-600 g / m2.

Harvest outdoors: Mid-October.

Outdoor production: 2000-3000 g / plant.

Height outdoors: 3-4 m.

THC: 19%.

CBD: 0.1%

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