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Diatical de Trabe is a totally natural fertilizer, valid for all stages of development of our strains, which will also act as an insecticide against all types of land insects.

Pamper your plants with Diabetic Trabe organic fertilizer based on diatomaceous earth

Diatical Trabe Diatomaceous Earth is a perfect combination of fertilizer and insecticide, as it will improve the state and health of the substrate and plants, while also keeping many insects away from our harvest.

To the simple human eye they seem normal powders, but for terrestrial insects such as snails or caterpillars, it can do a function similar to that of thousands of crystals, so making a circle with it around our plant, will be totally unattainable. If we make foliar applications we can also use it as an insecticide against certain types of flying pests, although it will not be 100% effective as with terrestrial ones. It damages the keratin of the exoskeleton of any insect that comes into contact with it, altering their nutritional capacity and killing them from dehydration.

Insecticide function to drive away the pests of our crop with Diatical de Trabe

It is obtained from the remains of unicellular algae and micro-fossil skeletons collected in dry seas. It has a fairly high proportion of silica, which also makes it slightly retain moisture and improve nutrient absorption, it works very long, being especially recommended for soils with calcium deficiencies or high demands.

Applying it on our strains we will be able to contribute to its feeding in any of the phases of the plant, being effective from germination to the day of harvest. We will greatly reduce the possible problems that can present during our cultivation, such as foliar necrosis, or rot due to pruning.

Dosage and instructions for use of Diatical Trabe Diatomaceous Earth:

* Add 10 to 20g each liter of water, and apply foliarly or in the irrigation water, once a week.

* To combat terrestrial insects we will take a small amount with our fingers and we will spray it wrapping the trunk of the plant, without leaving any gaps.

Guaranteed wealth:

* Total calcium oxide (Ca0) --- 25% w / w

* Granulometry: Soluble powder

* Neutralizing value ----------- 40%


* 100% Diatomaceous Earth

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