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One of the most famous and classic cannabis varieties among collectors of Amsterdam coffee shops in its autoflowering version.

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The automatic White Widow seed is a powerful hybrid that combines the composition of the original, 70% indica and 30% sativa, with Ruderalis crosses to obtain a new variety of automatic marijuana with all the attractiveness and strength of the original. For this bulk White widow seed, two different White widow have been crossed with a rudelaris. As grandmothers you have Mr. Nice's White widow now called Black widow and a rudelaris. The result of the crossing has been crossed again with a White widow this time from the Green house bench.

Autoflowering marijuana seed easy and fast to grow.

The advantages of auto-flowering seeds, both indoors and outdoors, are several. We completely forget about light cycles, as plants begin to bloom at a specific time, completing their flowering cycle without complications, even in an irregular environment of light and dark, or even with light pollution during the hours of darkness. (such as the one caused by streetlights).

The first signs of automatic White Widow flowering appear in the third or fourth week after germination. This autoflowering variety can go from the seed to the harvest of its buds in just 75 days.

As for its flavor and aroma, Automatic White Widow maintains the typical characteristics of its feminized, floral and earthy version with subtle knocks on barrel wood. Its aroma is a little less strong than normal for any marijuana plant, although if you bring the nose closer it seems of an exorbitant power. For many it is the most balanced plant that exists. The structure of the plant is low and compact although it produces a long, rock-pressed central bud. Its effect is somewhat heavier and more corporal than the regular and feminized versions of White widow.


White widow auto features:


Genetics: 100% Self-flowering (White widow Mr. Nice x White widow Greenhouse Seeds x Rudelaris) Hybrid.

Indoor flowering time: 75 days from germination.

Outdoor production: 65-120 gr / plant.

Indoor production: 380-450 gr / m2.

THC: Stop.

CBD: Low.

Effect: Compensated and durable.

Flavors and aromas: Floral earth with woods.

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