Rack CC Extracción BHO Tubo 3" x 18" tanque recuperación y bobina condensación - BHOnas

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1 pound (approx. 450 - 500 grams) closed loop BHO extraction machine, 3 "x 18" jacketed tube, rack mounted, with recovery tank and condensing coil.

Butane Hash Oil or BHO is a popular concentrate of cannabis culture. It is called "butane" because it is the gas that is most commonly used to carry out the extraction, although it can also be done with other solvents such as propane or methane. This gas passes through the plant matter dragging the active ingredients and terpenes to create the concentrated BHO oil.

Depending on the type of extraction, we will find it with different concentrations and consistencies, ranging from a soft paste to a hard cookie.

Closed loop systems allow the extraction of a cleaner BHO thanks to the elimination of additives that usually have the solvent gases used in the extraction. Before using a gas for the first time, it is advisable to carry out a first vacuum pass (without grass) to remove lubricants and additives present in the butane bottles that are used at the factory to facilitate the introduction of the gas into the bottles.

These systems have the great advantage that they allow the gas to be reused. At the end of the process, the gas flow is reversed and it is returned to the container tank for storage and future reuse a large number of times, which provides considerable savings as well as greater safety in the process by not expelling the flammable gas in the air.

Closed loop systems can be active or passive depending on the way we circulate the gas. In the assets a recovery pump is used while in the liabilities this gas flow is made by means of a thermal difference in the circuit: the gas moves from the hot container to the cold by the pressure difference when it expands on one side and contracts in the other extreme.

All closed circuit systems available in our store can be used actively or passively, it depends only on your preference. To make an active extraction you just have to connect a recovery pump to the circuit, which you will find available in our store.


Jacketed for dry ice: thanks to the cold, butane will be able to dissolve and carry away oils, thus obtaining a more concentrated extract.

Tube measurements: 3 "x 18" (approx 7.5 x 45 cm)

Vegetable matter capacity: 1 pound (450 - 500 grams)

Collection tray.

Recovery tank.

Condensation coil.

Dryer filter.

Rack mounted with wheels.


BHOnas is not responsible for the use that users make of these machines. Its use for the extraction and distribution of narcotic or psychotropic substances is illegal.

Working with flammable gases (such as butane, propane, methane, etc.) is a dangerous activity. It is essential to take extreme precautions and check the joints well and securely secure all the seals to ensure complete sealing and avoid leaks. The use of a gas leak detector is highly recommended. In any case, they should always be used outdoors or in rooms with a lot of ventilation. DO NOT SMOKE OR PRODUCE SPARKS OR USE APPLIANCES THAT MAY PRODUCE ELECTRIC SHOCK IN THE IMMEDIATIONS OF THESE MACHINES. BHOnas IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES CAUSED DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY BY THE USE OF THESE MACHINES.

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