Oleatbio 250 ML Inseticida 100% BIO De Jabón Potásico

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Oleat Bio de Trabe is a 100% natural insecticide to treat plants with soft cuticle insect pests such as whiteflies or aphids that decompose into nutrients assimilable by your plants. It is made from potassium soap, so the plant absorbs it very easily.

OleatBio is to apply when we grow with organic products, without having to use pesticides to fight pests that attack our plants. It is effective against whiteflies, aphids and in general all soft cuticle insects. The typical pests in our crops will be reduced with a few sprays and we will not have to use toxic products in our crop to kill undesirable insects.

Soluble concentrate:

  The minimum dose of OleatBio would be 2% of 1L. (20ml for every 1000ml)

  We recommend starting to spray the underside of the leaves first and starting at the bottom of the plant

  Maximum once a week

  Stop using at least 15 days before harvest to avoid traces of flavors in the buds

Composition of Oleat-Bio de Trabe:

Ready-to-use spray:

  Potassium salts of plant fatty acids

  Chrysanthemum Cinerariifolium

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