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This variety of Thai mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Samuiensis) was discovered by mycologist John Allen in the rice crops of the Ban Hua Thanon village on the small Thai island of Koh Samui. It produces small fruits, no more than six and a half centimeters high, and they have a large, fleshy carapace with a pyramid shape of a color between red and brown that when dried becomes gray. These Asian Thai mushrooms are very popular with growers around the world due to their intense visual effects and relaxing action.

Thai variety mushrooms are known for their easy fruiting. The colonization is medium, so that not many specimens come out but they have a very good caliber.

In the first wave we will obtain a large number of large and heavy fungi, and in the following waves less quantity but larger. It is an ideal variety for beginners due to its easy growing conditions.

They are thick and usually short, with an orange-brown head with spots, and about 5-10cm tall. To harvest them you have to twist them a little with your fingers, leaving the base of the stem; that will help the following fruits.

The kit includes everything you need for cultivation, the Tupper with the substrate and the spores, a greenhouse bag and a clip to close it.

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