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Bubba Kush CBD is a feminized cannabis seed from Dinafem Seeds that pairs the traditional benefits of Bubba Kush with the medicinal benefits of cannabidiol. If Bubba Kush is the quintessential indica queen: beautiful, compact and narcotic; This genetics is the plant capable of keeping the queen's beauty and flavors intact, decreasing its potency.


Bubba Kush CBD is a medium-sized plant with a relatively open structure, but above all, it is a beautiful flower; pretty and captivating. With hypnotizing black and purple tones, it grows giving off magic in a small space. Let's not think about the structure of Bubba Kush, because even though its mother is Pre´98 Bubba Kush, this genetics is the result of a cross with an elite CBD clone, and the latter injects sativa traits into its morphology.

Thus, although its leaves are wide and serrated, its structure is quite open. It is not that typical indica, closed and full of leaves. It is a plant capable of stretching, especially towards the sides, and well ventilated. The fact that it is a plant with outstanding ornamental beauty, makes it an ideal variety to grow at home. Because, apart from the harvest, its mere presence gains value in itself: the contrast of the dark colors of the leaves with the light emanating from the trichomes make it a very mysterious plant that is difficult to remove the eye from.


Bubba Kush CBD offers a very heavy harvest. It is a very good producer, in terms of quantity, and also the flowers are of an unbeatable quality. We are talking about goblet-shaped buds, very compact and full of trichomes. Do not be fooled by the resin, because the fact that it produces a lot is not synonymous with a very powerful effect, given its 1: 1 THC: CBD ratio.

Aromas and Flavors

Bubba Kush CBD is a variety with unique organoleptic qualities at all levels. It has an exotic flavor of spices and unmistakable coffee. Unmistakable because it is a very strong aroma, difficult to forget, with notes of earth, sweet fruit and Kush.


This is one of the great attributes of this variety. The relaxation it offers is downright podium-worthy. To the narcotic effect of THC, capable of tame muscle pain, the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are added, making Bubba Kush CBD an ideal strain to relax.

Of course, cannabidiol is manifested not only in the medicinal properties (anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory) of this genetics, but also in the fact that it offers a balanced effect. Since this cannabinoid acts as an antagonist of THC (psychoactive active ingredient), it guarantees a less cerebral and more controlled sensation than another variety lacking cannabidiol. That is why it becomes a perfect ally to relieve tensions, both mental and bodily.


Bubba Kush CBD is a frankly grateful marijuana plant. Suitable for beginners and experts, its cultivation does not involve complications. The elite CBD clone, the fruit of whose crossing results, reinforces the condition of Bubba Kush: this clone makes it more resistant to the original Bubba Kush. Likewise, the sativa morphology of this clone gives it a more open structure, and therefore easier to grow.

It smashes the imperative need to prune the leaves so that light and air reach the central parts of cannabis, as was the case with Bubba Kush. Of course, we recommend to be aware of its growth and confirm that the phenotype we are cultivating is not showing more characteristics inherited from Bubba Kush than from the CBD clone. If so, let's remove the leaves that prevent light penetration and proper aeration of the plant. Regarding its flowering time, it is short. Lasts between 55 and 60 days.

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