Gel masaje Palacio efecto frio 500ml

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The Palacio heat effect massage gel, formulated with hemp extract, contains natural substances and extracts that smooth blood circulation locally and refresh the muscles, relieving muscles, reducing inflammation and pain and improving mobility.

Description of the Palace Cold Effect Massage Gel

Muscle massages are not always performed for the same purpose, and there are different types of muscle massage products that have different effects.

In general, heat effect products are applied to treat lasting discomfort, or in order to activate the muscles before exercising.

On the other hand, cold effect massage products are used immediately after suffering a discomfort, or in order to recover muscles after exercising.

The Palacio cold effect massage gel, formulated with hemp extract, is ideal for cases of evident inflammation, since it lowers the temperature of the affected area, producing a relaxing effect and smoothing blood flow, which favors the disappearance of inflammation and pain.

A massage with the Palacio cold effect gel is ideal after exercising, since it helps in the recovery of the muscles, leaving them relaxed and with a very refreshing effect.

In addition, with this gel we can relieve areas in case of suffering a contusion, inflammation or edema.

How to use the Palace cold effect massage gel

Apply by massage in the desired area.

Formats: 380 ml and 500 ml

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