Light mix 20L Bio Bizz

VAT included

Light • Mix is the ideal substrate for ecologically conscious growers

who want to enhance the growth of their plants from the beginning through the application of liquid fertilizers.

It allows to supply a greater amount of fertilizer without fear of overloading the soil and burning the plant.

Light Mix is ​​food-free and offers optimal drainage

With BioBizz Light Mix we will be 100% sure that we have bought one of the best lands available for your seeds. Saving on the land is one of the worst mistakes we can make, since we are starting a job that the end result is to seek the highest quality and production. To think that it is where the plant will have to live all its days of life so it will have to be of the best possible quality.

Light Mix is ​​perfect for drip irrigation system

With Light Mix you will have an excellent substrate, as each soil has a different formula and composition, we are going to discover who will do best with this substrate, according to the climatic conditions where we are going to plant. Characterized by its high water / oxygen retention ratio, this soil pulls more towards water retention so it will be perfect for all those who live in hotter areas avoiding having to water the pots so often, it retains a lot of humidity. We will have to be careful in the first days of our plants so as not to puddle the soil too much, otherwise the roots will not pull as they should and you could even drown your plants, this advice is especially valid for all the autoflowering genetics that are more sensitive to root problems and excess watering.

This soil bag comes very light with nutrients, so you will have to provide this substrate with practically nutrients in all stages of cultivation from the second week.

BioBizz Light Mix is ​​available in two sizes:

In 20 liters, which you will have for about 3 7L pots

In 50 liters you will have for about 7 7L pots

Composition of Light Mix BioBizz:

Peat moss


Ec: 1.2

Ph: 6.2

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