Janeco Mix 50L

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Atami Janeco-Light-Mix is an ideal base substrate. It has a slight amount of fertilizers, so it allows you to manage the contribution of nutrients by yourself. Atami Janeco-Light-Mix is ideal for autoflowering plants as it creates an optimal balance of water saturation. Ideal for crops with humid climates or low temperatures.

Atami Janeco Light-Mix description

Atami Janeco-Light-Mix is ​​an ideal substrate since almost all types of plants can be successfully grown. As this substrate is lightly fertilized, it has the advantage that your cannabis plant plants are not in danger by receiving too much fertilizer.

Thanks to this product, the roots will grow very healthy due to their aeration and low moisture retention, since the substrate remains light, and its mixture with white perlite greatly increases the oxygenation of the seed roots.

The Atami Janeco-Light-Mix mix contains enough nutrients for the first 2 weeks (depending on the size of the pot and the number of plants), after this period, it is advisable to feed your plant with liquid fertilizers.

Janeco Light-Mix has the RHP certificate, a guarantee seal for growing media, which ensures their quality and the absence of toxic elements such as heavy metals.


Atami Janeco-Light-Mix strengths

Your cannabis plants are not in danger because it is slightly fertilized.

Causes roots to grow healthy due to aeration and low moisture retention

Ideal for autoflowering plants

Feed your plant for the first 2 weeks


How to use Atami Janeco-Light-Mix

- Atami Janeco-Light-Mix is ​​ideal for crops with humid climates or low temperatures, where the soil does not usually dry out very much.

- It can be used as an initial substrate, and after 3 weeks, supplement the growth with liquid fertilizers.

- Atami Janeco-Light-Mix 50 L provides substrate for 7 7 L pots.

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